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Supporting Women-Owned Businesses

At TJX, operating our business responsibly is part of our DNA. For us, this responsibility includes valuing diversity among people and enriching our communities through valued relationships. Our U.S. Supplier Diversity Program combines these two principles by proactively seeking out relationships with suppliers that are owned by women, minorities, people with disabilities, and veterans. This commitment to diversity was recently recognized by the Center for Women & Enterprise (CWE).

Mentoring Women in Business

In 2017, TJX participated in CWE's Corporate Mentorship Program, which pairs qualified companies with certified women-owned businesses for one year. This was a natural fit as CWE's mission of providing opportunities for women in business closely mirrors our efforts to support women in our own workplace. CWE had identified a mentoring need at Prism Energy Services, a company that installs energy efficiency measures for commercial, industrial, and municipal customers. CWE connected Prism with TJX, and a TJX Associate mentored Prism's owner with the goal of helping Prism identify growth strategies and improve procurement practices.

"This mentorship helped me gain confidence, as my mentor's insights confirmed things we’re doing well while also identifying areas for improvement," said Wendy Simmons, President and Founder of Prism Energy Services. "I truly appreciated my mentor’s time and expertise, as well as his kindness."

Supplier Diversity Professional of the Year

In addition to recognizing TJX for its valuable mentorship, CWE also named us their Supplier Diversity Professional of the Year.

"We are privileged to have this global organization, headquartered right here in Framingham, Massachusetts, working to increase opportunities for businesses owned by diverse groups," said Karen Copenhaver, CWE Board Chairperson. "TJX Associates make themselves available to vendors in many capacities, not just as procurers of goods and services. They are an integral part of the world of supplier diversity, and we are grateful for their efforts."

Promoting value through vendor diversity

During the ceremony, Karen also noted that TJX has been an "outstanding proponent of diverse businesses since the inception of its Supplier Diversity Program in 1992." In 2017, we were proud to celebrate 25 years of our program and our dedication to expanding options in not-for-resale goods and services in the U.S. The program helps us cast a wider net to identify the best vendors and strengthens our partnerships.

"Our goal is always to select the best vendors that bring value to TJX," says Ruth Johnson, Supplier Diversity Manager at TJX. "Our supplier diversity strategies shine light on opportunities for both TJX and the businesses we work with."