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Green Building

As we construct new buildings, we incorporate environmentally sustainable features whenever feasible. Furthermore, when we move into existing properties, as part of the renovation process, our design teams typically consider ways to improve energy efficiency and water conservation and to develop recycling infrastructure.

Home Offices

Our office buildings in Marlborough, Massachusetts, have earned the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design1 (LEED) Gold certification from the Green Building Council. The buildings feature light-emitting diode (LED) lighting and occupancy sensors in offices and conference rooms, as well as 100% compostable utensils, plates, and napkins in the cafeterias among other sustainability features.

TJX Canada’s regional headquarters, completed in 2015, incorporated environmental sustainability features into its construction plan and is LEED Silver certified. In addition to energy and water conservation measures, environmentally sustainable features were incorporated throughout the building, including in the interior finishes, workstations, outdoor areas, and cafeteria. The building and grounds also feature special hybrid and electric vehicle charging stations, interior landscaping, a garden to support the monarch butterfly migration and bee populations, and a vegetable and herb garden that is managed by Associates. In 2017, in response to a difficult season which saw a large decline in the local butterfly and bee populations, our Associates donated their time to plant even more flowers in our garden to support these vulnerable species.

TJX Europe began construction on its new corporate headquarters in 2017. As we make design and facility decisions that support our commitment to environmental sustainability for the long term, we are incorporating sustainability initiatives into the build process as well, including recycling or reusing materials like electric cabling, insulation, plaster board, glazing, and plastics where possible. Heavier materials, such as bricks and concrete from the construction site, are being crushed and processed on site and can then be reused for later construction work. Our goal is to achieve BREEAM certification (“Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method” an environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings) based on the building’s environmental sustainability credentials.

Distribution Network

As we build new distribution and shipping centers, we are incorporating environmentally sustainable features whenever feasible and are pleased to have received LEED certification for our distribution centers in Jefferson, Georgia and Las Vegas, Nevada and for the office space in Phoenix, Arizona.

TJX Europe’s processing center in Wakefield, England opened in 2017 and houses sustainable features like LED lighting, rainwater harvesting, and wind turbines. The building also uses adiabatic cooling in the warehouse to reduce refrigeration use and solar energy to preheat water. During the construction process, we leveraged BREEAM guidelines and were pleased to have achieved a “very good” rating from BREEAM following its review of the building’s environmental sustainability features. In addition to this new center, our processing center in Bergheim, Germany was recognized for its environmental design with a Silver award for Best Sustainable Design by the German Sustainable Building Association, and our processing center in Wroclaw, Poland also has innovative environmental features.

Integrating Sustainability Into Operations

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1LEED® - an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design™ - is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council®.